Beautiful day in Calgary!

There is little wind, the sun is shining and it feels calm and inspiring.  I have begun to develop the fabric collection around the design I call ‘Thimbles’.  Central to that design is a short phrase from Ecclesiastes which says, ‘A Time to Mend’. It seems in my life there are always things to mend!  Relationships even have a tendency to get a little battered and torn.  So today again, I had to mend a hurt relationship. Even though it was just a little hurt for a little while, it seemed too long. Thanks be to a gracious God who forgives and helps me grow; I can extend His forgiving and caring to others as well.

Peggy in sunny Calgary!

I would like to…

I would like to share with you the design which I created for Christmas this year. This fabric quotes scripture from Rev. 22:13,16b where Jesus declares “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last…the Bright and Morning Star”. The stars of this design remind me not only of who Jesus is but also of the wise men who were led by a star to Him in Bethlehem.