Julia’s Notes Collection Arrives

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Peggy Brown

American/Canadian, could be your neighbor! Married with two grown children and now four grandchildren! Loving being a grandma! I began quilting in the 1990ʼs with scraps of fabric. Then wanting to make personalized family heritage quilts I used my own technique of pounding flowers, adding highlights to the petals and finally, special notes with Pigma pens. In 2010 I expanded my quilting ideas into designing my own fabrics through Spoonflower. Learning to work with my computer, how to create repeats, how to change up colors etc. was challenging and very interesting! When sharing my designs with others I felt the prompting to create a 'collection' with some Christian elements to put into my family quilts. A collection would be required for any fabric company to consider 'printing for quilt shops.' I believed that there would be many quilters interested in tucking scripture into their quilts. My husband and I traveled to the Houston International Quilt Market There were several interested companies - Newcastle Fabrics printed my first collection called Julia's Notes. "In The Beginning Fabrics" produced my second collection called "A Time to Mend" You can see images of the designs in this blog. The "Time To Mend" collection was printed and distributed in the fall of 2015. With a background as a quilter, dabbler in acrylic painting and sketching - fabric design was a new idea for me. And it is a curious journey! I love expressing my faith through words and pictures. A piece in each collection presents 'words that inspire' for quilters to use in their quilts or other sewn items.

3 thoughts on “Julia’s Notes Collection Arrives”

  1. In Calgary the fabrics can be purchased at Traditional Pastimes and some of the line will be in at Along Came Quilting. Phone your favorite quilt shops to see if they are carrying it too!!

  2. When I try to leave a question it takes me to another screen, this was the only way I could contact you. Could you please tell me if the Julias Notes fabric is a reprint or is it actually the fabric from Newcastle by Peggy Brown. If it is I would like to order some, thank you.

    1. I was just reviewing comments and reread yours Wendy. I saw you questions and that I had not directly answered them!! The Julia’s Notes fabric is actually the fabric from Newcastle by me Peggy Brown. As you may know Newcastle does not exist anymore and when I have gone on line to find my collection I am not seeing it. If you are interested yet I do have some of every piece of my collection and will sell some for a reasonable price. Sorry my first answer to you missed the point. I have not wanted to compete with shops that would carry my collections. Thank you for your interest!

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