Stained Glass Windows

This fabric design is available at July 10, 2020 for just over $6 US!!

It is one from my collection called “Believe” produced by

“In The Beginning Fabrics”.

This was designed by me from a photo of stained glass windows of a country church. There are many churches with three windows on each side with simple stained glass. Great in a quilt for any Christian or even to cover a communion table or church nursery blankets or for anyone who has been part of a church with stained glass windows – even cathedrals have stained glass windows!! What an incredible price for quality quilting cotton!! So easy to go online and order!! Enjoy this simple beauty : > )

Flower Imprinting on Fabric!

Hammering flower petals for their natural dye and image is lots of fun with the right techniques!


Colourful Abstract Landscape

Design created for Spoonflower contest January 2020